WP Leader: UGENT, Subleader CNR



  1. Develop an alternative, more practical method and device for grain dust sampling (Task 3.1);
  2. develop and validate rapid and reliable multi-mycotoxin test kits for on-site screening. Use these rapid test kits on wheat, barley, maize, dust samples, dried fruit, nuts and medicinal herbs, at the farm level, as well as in the food/feed producing industries (Task 3.2);
  3. contribute to the development of regulations for modified (masked) mycotoxins. Determine the extent and the rate at which modified forms of deoxynivalenol, zearalenone and aflatoxins are reconverted during digestion (Task 3.3).


  • Task 3.1 Advanced representative sampling using grain dust (UGENT, CNR, DLO)
  • Task 3.2 Development of multi-mycotoxin test kits for on-site screening (CNR, UGENT, DLO, SJTU, BOORMALT, UNISENSOR SA, TUBITAK, CAAS, JAAS, IMPLAD )
  • Task 3.3 Modified (masked) mycotoxins and their in vivo toxicokinetics (UGENT, CNR, SIBS CAS).
WP Leader

Sarah De Saeger (f)

Professor and head of the Laboratory of Food Analysis at UGENT. More than 20 years of experience in multi-disciplinary mycotoxin research with main focus on analytical methods for mycotoxin detection. Coordinator of the multi-disciplinary MYTOX research group. Experience in project management. Experience in international conference organisation. Role: WP3 leader; UGENT team leader, involved in WP 1 (round tables), 3 (WP leader mycotoxin monitoring), 7 (app for dipsticks), 8 (communications, dissemination, exploitation) and 9 (innovation management).